Wednesday’ Reads

First of a series of micro-reviews…

I get as easily enthralled with the next social media bauble (qwiki anyone) as the next uber-geek, but in my line of work, if your digital hub (a term first coined I believe by the ubiquiotous Chris Brogan I believe), lacks focus, direction, usability, brand coherence, well then its point, match and game.

Taming the Web content beast is an almost sisyphean endeavor in the complex, siloed, consensus-driven world of higher education, but if their are solutions to be had, they are likely to come from the pages Kristina Halvoron’s Web Content Strategy for the Web. Her analysis and definition of the issues facing web content managers is errily resonant (You didn’t shadow me during my work week did you Ms. Halvoron?) and the solutions she posits are refreshingly absent of any cloying acronyms.

Cyber What?

WAMC, the public radio station in these warrens, is embarked on a winter fund-raising drive. I don’t begrudge them that, they gotta pay the bills. ( If you listen, pledge here and now, it’s the right thing to do.) But puh-leeze, WAMC, “Cyber Drive?” “Cyber?”

For me “Cyber” conjures reminiscences of Netscape 1.0. And yes, I’m aware others egregiously trot out that hoary prefix as well. There’s “Cyber Monday,” “Cyber Strike,” “Cyber Crime,” “Cyber Sleuths.” Heck there is even a PBS show for the younger set called “Cyberchase.” Enough already!

WAMC, I emplore you to ditch that term — and fast. It telegraphs your a tad out of touch, notwithstanding your embrace of Twitter.

Now I’m off to pledge.