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R.I.P. Blogging?

Blame Facebook, Twitter, sugar-laden cereals, texting, too many Saturday morning cartoons or flouride in our drinking water, but it seems that blogging is dying if not already dead, or least that is what more authoritative minds than mine aver. If this sounds similar it should, as this hoary meme’s been in circulation for at least four years now (likely more) — an eternity on the Web.

Confession: I love blogs. Well-honed prose, smart photos, contextual hyperlinks, those sublime themes and templates, link-love, the conversational ying and yang in the comments all leave me weak-kneed. Call me old-fashion, but seldom do I get the same edifying rush from the Facebook or Twitter firehose.

Neville Hobson, from across the pond, draws upon a 2010 PEW internet survey and the analysis and observations of entrepreneur and technologist Anil Dash and offers this salutary antidote to all the gloom and doom. Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • WordPress growth continues apace: “… 6 million new blogs in 2010 and pageviews up by 53%”
  • Users, are doing “blog-like things” in those other social media spaces.
  • Blogs furnish the spaces for the contextual, in-depth conversation and archiving of conversation that short-from, ephemeral content can’t facilliate.

You may read the full post here and of course Dash’s post that Hobson referenced. And of course their are plenty of gems in the comments section for both.

Blog on.

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